5 ways Feedback Analytics could change the game

By John Praveen, September 1, 2017

“Analyzing customer feedback can offer you priceless insights into buyer behavior and preferences.”

Feedback is gold – organizations have known this for ages; but collection methodologies, and manual sorting & analysis of data, has hindered these organizations from fully tapping the potential of Feedback.

What you need is a superior system that would allow you to gather Feedback, sort, analyze and present the data, palatably, so that you can optimize your business process. This sounds pretty simple, except for all the little nuances, including the fact that customers don’t exactly enjoy giving feedback. In a nutshell, a comprehensive solution that is going to offer a simple feedback interface for customers, sort and analyze the data using advanced Text Mining and Machine Learning, and consolidate and present the data in comprehensible data forms, is the need of the hour.

How can this help you? The opportunities are limitless – but we are just going to explore the top 5.

1. Real-time Feedback, real Time Value.

Imagine a feedback system that allows you to capture feedback while the product is being used and not after. Imagine a system that offers instantaneous insights into what customers think about your product and your brand.

2. Simple interface = Easy Feedback.

Imagine a Feedback interface that is so simple, it allows the customer to submit feedback in less than 10 seconds. Imagine not missing the feedback of a single customer.

3. Feedback workload, sorted.

Imagine a system that sorts all the feedback you have received by demographics and sentiment, using advanced text mining, text analytics and sentiment analytics technologies. Imagine human time & effort saved.

4. See the data, the way you want to.

Imagine a comprehensive view of all the feedback from your customers, in easily comprehensible charts and figures. Imagine a centralized dashboard of the freeform feedback data.

5. Optimize business using the best critique.

Imagine understanding every whim and fancy of your customers. Imagine your business rebuilt, with the power of feedback in your hands.

So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself Feedback rich!

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