Amalgamation of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), EDA (Event driven Architecture) and IOT (Internet of Things)

By Thirumoorthy B, April 3, 2015

Various enterprises started adopting SOA style of architecture to have loosely coupled application component in order to have lesser impact during times of change in their IT systems. It is true that some of them benefited by designing and maintaining services at the right granularity.

In this blog, I am going to focus on the convergence of BPM, SOA- EDA and IOT primarily, while there are debates about BPM vs SOA. Additionally, to keep things open, talk about anything and everything that affects us in the technology space.

The IOT (Internet of Things) or devices that are capable to communicate on the internet can provide immense events that need to be processed and analyzed with services.

From my point of view, irrespective of granularity at which these services are correctly architected, the consumption / trigger happen mostly through Event(s).  As we consider EDA with SOA important, many event(s) can trigger a process and process by itself can trigger many events. The inclusion of event infrastructure (Queue, Event, Event processing) is very important to have real time automation and analysis.

Today, enterprises are listening to their “machines”. Besides, they are aligning ‘systems of record’ to these listening(s). ‘Systems of record’ are also slowly evolving into ‘Systems of action’ based on the events and the triggers that they provide for enterprises to offer value to their customers.

But the same can be achieved only when the IT systems have the following services:

  • Services with required granularity on Application components (SOA Style)
  • Event Infrastructure (Or ESB) to listen and trigger events
  • Complex Event processing (CEP) to understand the event patterns to predict outcomes or trigger action.
  • Communication capability with Machines (IOT)

I will be writing a bit more in detail about the principles of building of a platform with the above concepts that enable what I wrote above in my forthcoming blog!

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Thirumoorthy B

Thirumoorthy Balasubramanian has over 20+ years experience in the software industry. He is currently working on IoT (Internet of Things), EDA, SOA style Architecture and Business Process Management (BPM) on J2EE technologies and enthusiastically researching upcoming architectural frameworks and trends in J2EE platform. He is also actively involved in research into various Social Media with specific reference to NLP (Natural Language Processing) to provide Semantic and sentiment output. He has worked extensively on Architecting and Developing imaging workflow / BPM solutions, N-tier applications, Component based application program, Intranet/Internet applications using various technologies like J2EE, ESB, .Net.

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