Can You Pay Someone using WhatsApp?

By Bahwan CyberTek, September 19, 2017

Social media channels are for networking with like-minded people and brands. But, some companies take this concept a bit further and push to sell online. This works, but only as long as the seller can achieve his sale and receive his payments. But, what about customer experience? Naturally, to pay for the products / services, the customer would have to navigate out of the social channel, log into their bank account, and make the payment. Now, do you think that that might be the most optimized process? In other words, the customer is navigating away from the social media channel to a payment site – redirecting his attention from the products / services the seller might be offering on the social channel. A sale might have been achieved, but brand recognition and perception is lost. Will the customer come back? Will the customer remember your brand?

As an answer to the above hypotheticals, Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp, the most renowned social messaging channel, has planned to introduce an integrated payments gateway within the application itself, to facilitate a smoother transaction flow, with lesser navigations. The company is making a foray into digital payment services starting with India and is looking to hire a digital transactions head for the country. In summary, WhatsApp is planning to bring a new seamless payment experience to its customers in the near future and is planning to start with Digital India.

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