Crowdsourcing vs. HR Domain

By Swetha Venkatesan, May 25, 2015



‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’ has become an old adage now. Now, it has been proven that the thinking effort of more than one mind yields more powerful and accurate results than a best mind working alone!

When the floodgates of ‘open innovation’ opened, one of the first few torrent of innovations from forward thinking organizations that the HR domain welcomed with open arms and adopted immediately is ‘crowdsourcing’; an innovative concept from ‘open-minded individuals’, who value talent and skills more than anything else in this world!

Simply put, crowdsourcing exploits the ‘productive gray cells potential of the millions’.

According to a recent survey by Times Jobs, more than 60% of the organizations, which have used crowdsourcing for one or more HR functions, have been highly satisfied with the results. Combined with social networking, one can get impressive results through crowdsourcing.

Following are a few ways of ‘crowdsourcing’, which you can use in HR functions and derive benefits:

  • Finding Incredible Talent: Now, you can attract talent through social media, where there is a potential chance that others refer you candidates based on the job post. Besides, you can also employ techniques like gamification, which brings you incredible results. Thanks to crowdsourcing, this has now made talent search easy!
  • Managing Your Organization’s Reputation: Nowadays, employees are using social media to air their views about the working condition of the organization they have been working for. It has become a norm these days that new ‘yet to join’ employees visit these crowdsourcing [social media] sites like,, etc., to get a feel of the organization that they are planning to join. They go through the reviews written by the old or current employees to understand the working culture of the organization and to decide whether to join.
  • Improve Employee Engagement: Understanding what really matters to your company by asking your employees is a great way of engaging them to build the future of the company. Inviting employees to offer their innovative ideas and let them participate in  implementing their own innovations (ex: Google)and creating their own exciting and entertaining engagement culture, works well for employees. Now, the trillion dollar question is, how can you make this possible in your company? This blog’s precise answer: Through Crowdsourcing.
  • Know What Your Employees Want: Ask them, bug them, and know them well! All this leads to your company’s benefit. Employee surveys help you to know more about your employees. For example: what, why, and when they want a particular facility or benefit? Provide them what they want, the way they want it! This way, you get a chance to assure your employees that as a company you are considering their opinions and feelings. And the nice thing is that you can know what your employees want through an intranet crowdsourcing site in a sweetest and shortest way.

Companies are now coming up with intranet social media tools, which helps them to generate or share ideas, retain and manage talent, and measure and monitor evolving culture. Asking and providing what the employee wants, improves the level of employee engagement manifold; thereby, benefiting the organization in a great way.

HR Domain – Crowdsourcing Limitations

Although crowdsourcing is effective for many HR functions, there are certain limitations, which make the process unsuitable for some processes. One of the main disadvantages is gathering and analyzing meaningful responses from a large audience; employee size proves to be an unmanageable parameter. For tasks, which are on high priority or requires immediate closure, crowdsourcing may not be the best option. Lack of confidentiality is also a major concern for crowdsourcing.

In Summary…

Research suggests that including a diverse audience, providing them with clear purpose, motivating them with rewards, are some of the best ways to gain out of crowdsourcing.

On the whole, Crowdsourcing helps a great way for getting innovative ideas. If you have not started using it already, this is the time to reach out to your crowd.

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Swetha Venkatesan

Swetha Venkatesan is an HR executive, part of the TMG team. Her role revolves around creating new process and policies and coming up with various innovative Employee Engagement activities. She has close to 4 years of experience in HR and joins us from HCL Technologies, where she was handling recruitment and Vendor Management.

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