Deployment of Analytics in the Solar Industry

By Lakshman Sutrave, December 14, 2017

Globally, nations have taken to Solar Energy deployment, with utmost seriousness, to balance depleting conventional energy sources. After breakthrough research, Solar Technology has caught up to becoming an affordable and sustainable source of power. With installed capacities increasing in size, the biggest challenge is to manage these plants efficiently.

Starting from Individual panels up to the Feeder, there are thousands of systems that need to be maintained in their best possible conditions, to eke out the maximum ROI. This is where industry best practices such as Predictive Analytics, Monitoring and Decision sciences help the O&M workforce.

BCT’s Monitoring and Analytics solution

BCT is a leading player in the Renewable Energy space, which blends its strong capabilities in Analytics & IT, and vast domain expertise, to offer solutions that are need-of-the-hour in the Industry. Using its powerful predictive analytics platform – RETINA – BCT has built RETINA Enhance for monitoring, and RETINA Empower for predictive analytics; these systems are custom built to be completely OEM-agnostic, understanding the nuances of the renewable technology.

Features in Solar Monitoring & Analytics

  • Real-time monitoring that integrates your entire portfolio in a single solution
  • Alerts and Notifications of key events in the parks, wherever and whenever
  • Identify where you lose energy from the panels to the feeders
  • Understand which panel is most affected by Soiling loss or Shadow loss
  • Identify the right time to undertake maintenance
  • Instant identification and alerts on assets that have stopped working
  • Draw long-term trend charts through custom dashboards
  • Speak to your O&M teams and optimize O&M resources with back-up data
  • Raise work orders and gain clear reports in Remote
  • Use the Data science approach to explore relationships

Six-times increased benefits

  • Increased Profits through Optimized O&M resources
  • Increased Availability and instant identification of Anomalies
  • Increased Power Generation addressing the Energy losing areas
  • Increased revenue and faster ROI
  • Increased operational efficiencies through Industry best practices
  • Increased information from ‘C’ level to the field level
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Lakshman Sutrave

Lakshman is a seasoned Marketing Specialist with a focus on Product Marketing, Pre-Sales, Presentations and Demos. He has over 10 years of experience working in Marketing with large brands like Frost & Sullivan, GE Prolec and Triveni Turbines. He currently works with Bahwan Cybertek helping market the company’s marquee Energy & Renewables products. His extensive experience working in Energy adds great value to the company and its offerings.

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