Geofence and its Business Benefits

By Mohan Narasimhan, January 8, 2018

Geofence Management Solutions are basically one of the IoT enabled software features that helps business users define a virtual geographic boundary (or fence) over a licensed or open source map interface to manage and control the assets / resources / materials which move in or out of these fences; Standard Geofence shapes are polygons, circles, line buffer etc.

Even though Custom-digitized geofences have been in use since at least 2002, geofence management solutions are continuously evolving due to emerging market conditions and new business opportunities.

Enormous amount of business use cases are possible using geofence solutions. In all these cases, depending upon the specific need, fence entry or exit, or speed or fence duration, or any other integrated device parameters, can trigger alerts and notifications to stake holders. All these alerts & notifications can be communicated to the stake holders via SMS, Mail, Mobile Push Notifications and also using Web / Map interface & Mobile Apps. In some cases, it is also possible to stop the fleet using engine immobilizer features as and when it is necessary.

Some specific domains / areas and their business use cases:

To get the best out of IoT enabled Geofence management solutions, industries should look for the ideal software solution provider, who can not only understand your industry obstacles and challenges but also should know your business’ insights and practical difficulties.

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