How can Social Media help grow your retail business

By Sowmya Rao, September 1, 2017

You now know the importance of Social media listening and the must have features of a Social Media Listening & Analytics tool. Let us look at how customer experience can be enhanced in the Retail industry using social media.

1. Drive more sales – increase lead generation from your social media investments

Sales is a key driver to increase any business’s growth and expansion.  To increase sales, you should be able to tap the biggest customer database out there – Social Media.

2. Get your products the eye balls they deserve – improve product sales

Getting your products in the right light ultimately drives sales. How do you position your product in a way that millions of people, in under a minute, see your product? The answer lies with Social Media.

3. Tell them what’s new! – Change / Influence buying behavior

In today’s world people want to have the ability to see, and learn everything in one shot; this is made possible by the power of social media.

4. How’s your brand faring? Monitor and leverage brand mentions

It is important for any business to know its competition and stay on top. Understanding the scale and where you stand can be crucial. Social Media can offer you the necessary data to understand brand reputation.

5. Do you spot resentment in a customer? Manage the crisis and your reputation

Research has found out that a happy customer is most likely to bring in new customers. Customer Service is the key in driving customer satisfaction, customer retention, and word-of-mouth sales expansion. What better way to do this but through Social Media.

6. Make your customers your advocates. Connect with them at an emotional level.

Following up with customers can grow the relationship between the business and the customers and can boost the business’ reputation immensely. Social Media offers the perfect platform to monitor, engage, retain and grow your customer base.

7. Keep your friends close, and your enemies, closer. Watch your competition!

A good sportive competition benefits a business in many ways, providing drivers for every business to increase in their productivity and efficiency. Social Media lets you understand where your brand stands against the competition – How you ask? Through your customer’s views and comments about your competition.

But all of this can only be achieved with a powerful Social Media Analytics tool – something that’s going to give you the power, to take your business to the next level.

Are you ready to make the jump?

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Sowmya Rao

Currently working as a business analyst with BCT, Sowmya has experience in pre-sales engineering, marketing tools, product launches, and creating sales strategies & developing customer bases. She also plans and executes social media marketing strategies and has a knack to manage Social Media posts and responses, highly impacting Marketing, Sales, and PR. Being a communication expert, she has played a key role in employee hiring and inside sales. Sowmya holds a Masters in Computer Science from California State University, LA. Prior to corporate work, she was a student mentor at an international early learning centre. While she puts her thinking cap on during the daytime, her other interests vary from singing to solving Sudokus. In short, a jack of all trades!

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