Operational Intelligence – The antidote to tariff squeeze

By Lakshman Sutrave, November 14, 2017

Tariff, in the renewable industry, has seen a huge decline in the last few years. The winning bid was Rs. 11/kWH during the JNNSM batch 1, at the end of 2010. The winning bid at the recent Badla UMSP in Rajasthan was just Rs 2.44/kWH. And now, certain forecasts show that tariff may fall to Rs. 1.5/kWH in the near future.

Falling tariffs wreak havoc with the long term plans of renewable players. There is a risk of existing contracts being renegotiated due to the huge differential in price.

Operational intelligence can lead to efficiency improvements

O&M efficiency is key to survival in this situation. Park developers are looking to make sure that they untilize existing assets for maximum power generation.

Operational intelligence systems help

1. Foretell the Maintenance and Operational issues the plants may face in the near future
2. Alert personnel on decreasing plant efficiencies with root cause analysis
3. Understand history of plant operations and throw alerts on potential break downs
4. Give real time state of the operation with respect to Business plans
5. Understand how to prevent avoidable operational losses

We Can Help!

Bahwan CyberTek (BCT) has introduced products for the solar and wind industries, namely Solar Operations Visualization and Analytics (SOVA) and Turbine Operations Monitoring System (TOMS). SOVA & TOMS are advanced analytics tools, built on BCT’s patent-pending analytics platform Cuecent Retina. Both monitor renewable assets on a real-time basis and helps IPPs improve plant efficiencies and availability by sending alerts on issues such as Power losses, expected Component failures and operational and maintenance.

Check out our blog on “Combat Tariff Squeeze with Operational Intelligence” to know more.

For more information on BCT’s solutions for wind farms and solar parks, please mail lakshman.sutrave@bahwancybertek.com.

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Lakshman Sutrave

Lakshman is a seasoned Marketing Specialist with a focus on Product Marketing, Pre-Sales, Presentations and Demos. He has over 10 years of experience working in Marketing with large brands like Frost & Sullivan, GE Prolec and Triveni Turbines. He currently works with Bahwan Cybertek helping market the company’s marquee Energy & Renewables products. His extensive experience working in Energy adds great value to the company and its offerings.

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