Predictive Analytics Success in Power Generation

By Stanley Moses, December 16, 2015

Last month, @Bahwan CyberTek (BCT) successfully completed a pilot using BCT’s predictive analytics platform – RETINA with a major power generation company. The pilot was to demonstrate the capability of predictive analytics in power generation industry.

This is a good example for an IT-OT integration – though we just scratched the surface.

The goal was to generate new insights for operations & maintenance teams such as detecting performance degradation, predicting failures, identifying root causes, mapping economic analysis, and prognostic duration to failure. Years of asset data from Historian, EAM & Mobile applications were integrated with RETINA to present a 360 deg view for the asset (condenser).

Predictive tools helped convert data into information helpful for real-time decision making – due date for maintenance, operator actions, schedule planning. The solution highlights abnormal conditions days/hours (depending on the issue identified) before the failure event. As a result of the pilot, the unit is better prepared on most situations than fire-fighting after failures. The power generation company is now evaluating to expand similar approach for all their assets.

How is this IT-OT? – Data from an operational application such as control systems (stored in historian here) is used in conjunction with a transactional application such as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) to deliver value for different stakeholders in the power generation unit. Which otherwise is seen as silos and not contextualized. Surely there are lot more ideas to utilize ERP data (purchase, vendor, HR) for improved outcomes. Any thoughts from you?


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Stanley Moses

Stanley works in the field of Internet of Things & Predictive analytics for energy, utility & manufacturing companies. He has cross-functional experience in multiple manufacturing environments including Fortune 500 organizations. Combining a mix of functional, sales & business strategy, Stanley works with companies on asset & customer problems that can be solved utilizing data. Stanley has architected few of the finest analytics projects in the power domain to solve asset optimization and operations challenges. Stanley lives in Boston, MA and is passionate about basketball.

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