Sarahah and why it has changed the way people look at Feedback

By John Praveen, August 21, 2017

The Sarahah app has taken the Social World by storm – the app is in the 10 – 50 million downloads range (on Google Play) and growing. Facebook is flooded with #Sarahah posts! Users can’t get enough of it, and non-users are getting curious. Last week, I saw memes created on Facebook about the app.
So how did a me-too anonymous social media app like Sarahah become such a huge success, when the likes of it (ex. Whisper), fizzed out even before most of the world realized their existence?

One word: #Feedback

The fact is Sarahah was never just a me-too anonymous Social Media application; it is more an anonymous feedback application, providing a platform for friends, family, peers and strangers, to give you anonymous insights / messages.

#Sarahah offers people the one thing they don’t easily get – honesty. And, no coincidence in the fact that Sarahah in Arabic means “frankness” or “honesty”.

Of course, this opens the doors to cyber bullying, unsolicited sexual advances, and other such negative consequences on the society. But when has Social media been devoid of that. One recognized tech publication quotes:

“Even positive reviews on the App Store still warn that this app is not for the weak hearted. Another 5-star review mentions that people are getting a lot of hateful comments.”

But Feedback is gold here – it offers insights into where you might be going wrong and what you might be doing right. It helps you understand how people perceive you – how they relate to you, and what sort of an impact you have on them. How could that help an individual? – Right your wrongs, Change your perceptions, Restrict unnecessary emotions, be a better person, etc.

But, for an organization, the opportunities are endless. Feedback can change the playing field, and can be a deciding factor in making or breaking the business. It is a veritable fact that feedback is the reason behind the umpteen updates that applications, on the Google & Apple App stores, go through. It is the reason behind product versions and revisions, product introductions and retractions, Profit and Loss.

Gathering customer feedback is an essential part of measuring a business’s success, but analyzing that feedback is where the real improvement begins. Analyzing customer feedback can offer you priceless insights into buyer behavior and preferences. This can even be used to create a personalized purchasing experience for your customers, where they become privileged customers of your business. Feedback Data can also help you identify knowledge gaps – helping you create better processes and better customer support through training.

In short, Feedback lets you understand what problems exist within your business – right through your biggest stakeholders: the customers.

The first step to bettering your business is to understand where it stands in people minds – and what better way to know but through Feedback and Feedback Analytics?

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John Praveen

John is a versatile Marketing professional with over 6 years of experience in varied fields – currently, a writer & content editor at BCT, he previously worked in sales, client relations, HR, and in professional & academic training. A Hubspot© certified Content Marketing Manager & Inbound Professional, he offers invaluable perspective in Marketing, Content Marketing and Pre-sales. He holds a Post-graduate Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations from the Madras School of Social Work. With a passion for out-of-the-box thought process, he constantly innovates and breaks barriers. He revels in learning new concepts and breaking outmoded traditions. He is an inspirational speaker and Career Mentor, helping teens and young professionals realize their potential.

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"Analyzing customer feedback can offer you priceless insights into buyer


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