Second Screening – Competition between Mobile devices and Traditional TV

By Bahwan CyberTek, July 4, 2017

At any point, have you realized how you give higher priority to your mobile / tablet / laptop when compared to the traditional TV? Not just you, but people across the world, multi-task, where they keep fidgeting with their mobile devices (including laptops), while watching a show on TV. Why has this come to be? – Let’s take a look.

It is common knowledge that most of us skip advertisements between TV programs to watch something else. Enter e-enabled mobile devices, and that is not the case any longer. People use the advertisement ‘air-time’, to multi-task and access the Internet (predominantly social network sites) in order to discuss the program they are watching and or affiliated information & media.

Welcome to the world of the Second Screening!

Writer’s note: the second screen viewing experience is where the content creators, broadcasters and programmers will either succeed or fail.

According to one Andrew Chadwick, social media analyst, second screening is a trending new media use that embodies one aspect of a phenomenon known as hybrid media, and highlights the ubiquity of social media and connectedness in modern life. So, what are people engaged with during those TV breaks? As per eMarketer, the most prevalent digital activities during both commercials and shows were checking email and visiting social media.

The takeaway here – there is a transformation in the role of television today, from being a focal point to being just one of the many ‘screens’ competing for attention. Globally, the viewership of long-form TV and movie content on an actual TV screen has declined by 13% over the past year. Today, people are more interested in watching short videos of the same TV program on their mobile devices. Example, people watch excerpts (read the funniest parts) of SNL, or the roasts of Justin Bieber and or the Donald, instead of the full show.

The world seems to be witnessing a cultural drift, where the people are more interested in spending time watching content on their mobile devices, on their own time and comfort, while simultaneously chatting with peers, instead of focused traditional TV-watching.

Attention marketers, this one is for you!

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