The miracle of self-driving cars

By Bahwan CyberTek, September 1, 2017

Gone are the days, when you could just take your car out for a spin and enjoy the ride. With the advent of advanced AI, and sensor technologies, the world is now looking at driverless, AI driven transport. In a few years we’d be looking at uniform, streamlined, traffic patterns, which might just be too uniform to be human – is that a good thing? We’ll have to wait and see.

That being said, the world population is still quite enthusiastic about this technology and how it could revolutionize the world. This is autopilot on a different level. There are already a number of automobile manufacturing companies that use embedded sensors to gather data at every stage of the vehicles’ movement. But, how effective is current sensor technology in helping avoid accidents and crashes? To answer this question, all we have to do is take a look around us. There are pioneers and trailblazers like Tesla™ who are leading the world into an era of safe driverless transport.

“Tesla expects the first generation to keep improving throughout 2017 with the help of more data and improvements to its fleet learning capacity, but the 90% crash rate reduction goal can be achieved with the new system in place.”

Driverless transport / AI driven transport

  • Reduces the number of crashes, in turn reducing fatalities due to road accidents
  • Constantly improves performance and accuracy of decisions due to mass of data collected
  • Makes commuting easier and stress free
  • Saves time, allowing users to focus on other things

So kick back and relax – we may not be zooming around in space cars anytime soon, but we can, right now, at least let go the pressures of Monday morning traffic.

Go autopilot.

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