The need to change the Traditional Q&A Feedback

By Bahwan CyberTek, July 11, 2017

Why do all feedback forms follow the traditional question & answer format? Is there not an alternative, which we could use, and also avoid boredom through monotonous, hackneyed questions?

At the moment, asking questions has become the most accepted trend in the feedback industry. From the customer’s perspective, it is that boring quiz format that has no bearing on the customer whatsoever. For example, after dinner at a restaurant, as the customer unwinds and relaxes by the poolside, enjoying the panoramic view of the city that the restaurant offers, imagine the waiter presenting a long feedback form and requesting that the customer fill it up by the time he brings the check. Regardless of the customer’s exuberant experience at the restaurant, it would be a pretty tedious task to fill up said form. Wouldn’t it? And, people don’t love tasks – that, everyone knows for sure.

However, from the restaurant’s point of view, customer feedback is invaluable. But, unless the customer opens up his mind, it might not be possible to ascertain the customer’s actual satisfaction. Also, the restaurant would like to do this without offending the customer in any possible way as that might lead to a negative recommendation of their restaurant. So, how does the restaurant get this feedback, seamlessly without boring the customer and without hurting the business?

Simple – Instead of directly asking questions, why not present an after-dinner open-ended story / quip that the customer can conclude. Given the restaurant chooses a story that matches their business, whatever conclusion the customer gives to the story is treated as feedback for the service; One of a million possibilities. From the “ring the bell after the meal”, to the “pay forward” system, anything could qualify as an alternative.

At the end of the day, both parties are happy; neither does the customer leave uncomfortable, nor is the restaurant disappointed.

Gives you something to mull over doesn’t it? What do you think?

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