The Wind Turbine Design of the future

By Bahwan CyberTek, July 14, 2017

The design of the wind turbine has come a long way. The contemporary wind turbine is capable of cutting in at speeds of around 8mph. However, there are so many areas around the world, where wind speeds can be quite irregular, and sometimes, much lower than 8mph. Considering this, either current turbine designs have to be altered to cater, or wind capturing technology has to be reinvented.

This is of paramount importance, now more than ever, as countries gear up to be more eco-friendly, and with entrepreneurs across the world ready to sink in large chunks of investment in the wind energy sector.

Fortunately, World Harmony’s Energy Assessment Team member, Mike Waters, has designed a new type of wind and water turbine that shows promise beyond expectations. The turbine is designed to operate even at wind speeds less than 1 mph, even when under load, which is a thought never conceived before. It is expected that this new blade design can operate at wind speeds eight times lower than the wind needed by other turbines; indirectly, producing more electricity and for more hours of the day.

The uniqueness of the design is that most of the air passes through unaffected and only the tip of the blade maximizes leverage. And thankfully, it cannot kill birds, owing to its design.

Another interesting fact is that this turbine can also be used to generate power from flowing water. This unique wind turbine design can double as a water mill and can be used in flowing water. And, as water is 780 times denser that air, this turbine can produce far more electricity for the same size.

This turbine design has the potential to change the dynamics of the wind industry in the near future, provided it is patented for commercial use.

Take a look, before it is gone with the wind!

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