When All IOT Claims Comes True…

By Stanley Moses, December 16, 2015

Imagine this……

Location 1 – PLANT: The ASSET/EQUIPMENT identifies performance reduction by itself using Control Systems Data ~ a Real-time application determines root cause and identify the part which is causing the issue ~ Big data application determines the best vendor for the part replacement using quality and status of their production units (pretty cool.. ahhh) ~ Purchase order gets generated in ERP for part replacement (remember the system has predicted the problem – machine is still not down, so no need for maintaining spares) ~

Location 2 – OEM: ERP Trigger with specifications is sent to OEM’s Enterprise application for a new order ~ OEM’s MES application verifies orders, checks raw material availability and allocates resources (and then updates its purchase order system for replenishment) ~ OEM’s Control systems executes the order using data gathered from MES and best batch from MIS systems ~

Location 3 – Logistics provider: The same time the OEM received the order, the logistics provider is informed in their Order receiving system on upcoming job with start dates ~ the Journey management application chooses transport trucks and plans for an optimized route with real-time GIS feeds ~ notifies the plant on receipt date through Notification system ~

Location 1 – PLANT: Plant receives the part ~ Work order is ready in EAM with resources allocated ~ Planning application selects the best time for the down ~ part is replaced.

More than a dozen applications connected to reduce days/weeks/months in business processes bringing in failure prevention, cost savings, optimization, etc.

While, there are successful case studies connecting few applications, but will any platform transform to an extent that a part to be replaced arrives automatically before the problem has occurred, and without any manual intervention?

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Stanley Moses

Stanley works in the field of Internet of Things & Predictive analytics for energy, utility & manufacturing companies. He has cross-functional experience in multiple manufacturing environments including Fortune 500 organizations. Combining a mix of functional, sales & business strategy, Stanley works with companies on asset & customer problems that can be solved utilizing data. Stanley has architected few of the finest analytics projects in the power domain to solve asset optimization and operations challenges. Stanley lives in Boston, MA and is passionate about basketball.

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